Ptfe wedge mechanical seals Drinking water Leakage infiltration with the primary risk letters of the device are dynamic, static use ring plane. Which machine seal dynamic, static ring surface area abrasion cause has 6 factors.
one design equipment seal H2o Leakage infiltration from the earliest chance letters within the equipment are dynamic, static don ring plane. Which machine seal dynamic, static ring area abrasion rationale has 6 aspects.
2 the equipment is too limited. Dynamic query on the mechanical seal ring airplane, this sort of to be a serious burning aircraft illustration, black and deep traces, sealing rubber hardens, sealed mechanical pumps lose elasticity, this sort of illustration is shaped because of to gear also tight. Treatment: modify the peak belonging to the tools, the impeller machine, utilizing a screwdriver and pull spring, theres a solid tension spring, following the reset release, there is certainly motion within the length to two - 4MM.
3 the gear is just too unfastened. Question equipment seal dynamic and static ring airplane, its area carries a thin layer in the scale, be capable to wipe the area, no don, this is the spring loses its elasticity and poor equipment composition, or motor axial shifting type.
4 drinking water qualities are too lousy and h2o that contains particles. Owing to very poor fine quality water container type mechanical seal, huge hydrochloride articles wealthy in small-scale particles and medium constitute the abrasive wear machine sealing aircraft or floor assault, ring strain trench ditch representation. Treatment: increasing the water strain or media trade letters.
5 water homework dry grinding damage. This representation is more popular in valve choice device to inlet detrimental stress, the water inlet pipe of air, air pump cavity, a pump boot, high-speed operation of your mechanical seal friction once the onset of extreme temperature, cant be cooled, check the sealing device, spring tension is typical, the communicate with floor charred black, rubber onerous and cracked. Method: exhaust pipe and air cavity pump, the trade of mechanical seal.